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5 Barcode Scanner Apps for iPhone and Android


Barcodes are everywhere: products, loyalty cards, packaging labels, library books, you name it. With one scan of these striped bars, light energy is converted to electrical energy, which is converted to powerful data that can give you everything from inventory management to consumer awareness. Today many businesses and consumers use barcode scanning apps to access this information from their iPhones. ... Read More »

CES Products Reveal Where Business Technology is Headed

CES Products Reveal Where Business Technology is Headed | System ID

If you’ve seen the news this week, chances are you ran across reports about this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It’s an annual event where technology companies parade their products in front of consumers, businesses, and technomaniacs in search of the “next big thing.” Although chances are few of these inventions will ever make it to retail shelves, CES products ... Read More »

Help Me With This Sticky QR Tag!

For decades, barcodes were for business use only. Consumers paid little to no attention to the black & white patterns printed on their groceries and coupons as they handed them to cashiers. But now, the “regular people” are starting to pay attention. There are mobile apps for cell phones that use barcodes to get more product details, price comparisons, and ... Read More »