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How to Select the Right Inventory Control System

Select the right inventory control system from System ID.

An inventory control system uses barcodes or RFID to automatically manage and track physical items such as products, consumables, fixed assets, and equipment. With the right solution, companies can reduce unnecessary expenses and significantly improve productivity. The challenges of inventory management Inventory levels constantly change as items enter and exit manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. Not only is it critical ... Read More »


RFID tag

Want to know more about RFID? Scan our RFID FAQs for questions commonly asked about this popular technology. How RFID Works How can you tell whether a tag is going in or out of an area? The most reliable and cost-effective solution for tracking the direction assets are moving is to use infrared sensors with fixed RFID readers. A common practice ... Read More »

New Printable RFID Chip Could Greatly Reduce Costs

The industry hasn’t seen the adoption rate of RFID technology that we were expecting so many years ago. Why was that? You’d think with it being pushed through compliance initiatives by the United States’ Department of Defense and a giant, nationwide retailer like Walmart that RFID would have taken off in no time. Thousands of manufacturers would have to be ... Read More »

Tracking Luggage with RFID

Where Are My Bags? This is the question I found myself asking the baggage claim department when I recently landed at DFW International Airport. The response I was given was somewhat shocking to me. I was told that basically we only know that your bag was scanned in when you checked it in and, other than that, we don’t have a ... Read More »