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Wasp Inventory Control Stings Stockouts, Buzzes Productivity


Wasp Inventory Control puts you in command of your company’s inventory. Many small businesses assume they cannot afford an automated inventory control solution. In the past, that may have been true. Most of these solutions were designed for large enterprises. Unfortunately, this left smaller companies relying on spreadsheets or pencil and paper to track inventory. But today, Wasp Inventory Control ... Read More »

8 Ways Excel Fails at Inventory Management


Tracking your company’s inventory with a spreadsheet is costing you big bucks. Logging inventory cycle counts with Microsoft Excel may seem like the most frugal approach. But in truth, it would be cheaper to buy an automated inventory management solution than to continue using your Excel spreadsheet. Why waste time and money? Consider these eight ways that inventory management via ... Read More »

Flexible Wasp WPL304 Desktop Barcode Printer Offers 4 Ways to Connect, 2 Print Technologies


With the Wasp WPL304 desktop barcode printer, the watchword is “flexibility.” Users can choose from: Direct thermal or thermal transfer print technology Four connectivity options, including Ethernet, USB, serial, and parallel Wasp media or other major ribbon media offerings This flexibility all fits in a compact package. Even though the desktop barcode printer creates 4-inch labels, its small footprint works ... Read More »

WaspLabeler 2D Barcode Label Software Simplifies Label Design, Printing


WaspLabeler 2D barcode label software takes the sting out of designing, creating, and printing barcode labels. The intuitive, easy-to-use solution from Wasp Barcode Technologies includes more than 100 pre-designed templates for printing barcode labels. Or, users can start from scratch on their own design or build a custom label on top of one of the provided templates. WaspLabeler 2D can ... Read More »

Wasp WPL612 Industrial Barcode Printer Offers High Volume at Value Price


The Wasp WPL612 industrial barcode printer moves up to 20,000 labels per day for customers with a need for reliable high-volume barcode printing. The most powerful barcode printer manufactured by Wasp Barcode Technologies, the Wasp WPL612 industrial barcode printer works well for a wide range of industries and applications, including: Manufacturing and work-in-process Compliance labeling Order fulfillment Distribution Healthcare patient ... Read More »

Wasp Mobile Asset Tracking Software Traces Equipment, Lowers Costs


Wasp Mobile Asset tracking software saves companies thousands of dollars per year simply by helping them know the locations of fixed and mobile assets. Most small and mid-sized businesses do little or nothing to keep track of items such as phones, tablets, laptops, tools, and more. Even those that attempt to track these and other assets tend to use unwieldy ... Read More »

Wasp Inventory Control Update Links Real-Time Inventory Solution to QuickBooks

Wasp Inventory Control

With the latest version of Wasp Inventory Control, reconciling inventory on QuickBooks has become easier than ever. Wasp Inventory Control 7 offers a complete inventory tracking system for small and mid-sized businesses. This new release includes a QuickBooks Connector Module, which enables better planning, execution and optimization of inventory. Businesses can avoid costly errors and data duplication, while integration with ... Read More »

Wasp Pocket Barcode Scanner Offers Ultimate Portability

Wasp wireless pocket barcode scanner

The Wasp WWS100i wireless pocket barcode scanner, which is so small that it can fit into a shirt pocket, transmits information via Bluetooth to a mobile device or PC. You can use the scanner to remotely and securely update or monitor asset and inventory items. In addition, buyers in the field of retail arbitrage can rely on the scanner as ... Read More »

System ID Adopts Covenant Kids

System ID Adopts Covenant Kids

System ID and its partner Wasp Barcode Technologies recently adopted Covenant Kids, the largest private child-placing agency in North Texas. The nation’s leading barcode solutions provider routinely supports area charities, including the Ronald McDonald House and House on the Corner. When it was time to select a new organization to support in 2014, a System ID employee suggested that they ... Read More »