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Inventory Scanners: What’s Hot? What’s Not?

Inventory Scanners System ID

It’s time for our next episode of “What’s Hot? What’s Not?” Today’s topic is inventory scanners. A lot has changed over the past five years or so. In fact, today’s barcode scanners and mobile computers offer many new and improved features that deliver top performance in multiple industries and environments. Ready to see what’s changed? Want to know how you ... Read More »

Types of Barcode Scanners

Wearable Scanner

There are several types of barcode scanners with a wide variety of features that benefit specific environments, applications, and industries. Each scanner falls into one of the following categories: Handheld – The most popular type of scanner, handheld barcode scanners perform a variety of functions and come in both corded and cordless (wireless) styles. Mobile computers – Mobile computers combine ... Read More »

What is a Barcode Scanner?

Datalogic PowerScan 700 2D

Customers new to barcoding typically ask, “What is a barcode scanner?” The answer is simple:  A barcode scanner—also known as a barcode reader—is an electronic device that decodes and physically captures information contained in barcodes. It consists of the following components, which work together to collect the data contained in a printed barcode: Light source – Illuminates the barcode for ... Read More »