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The Fundamentals of Inventory Control

On July 21, 2011, System ID hosted “The Fundamentals of Inventory Control” webinar. This webinar teaches you all about inventory control and its benefits. From inventory basics to best practices, this webinar is sure to help you in starting your own inventory control system.

With over 80 attendees, this webinar was a great success. There were many insightful questions asked in the QA session. In case you missed it, we recorded the webinar and have it available for your viewing pleasure on our website.

  • What is an inventory control system?
  • How do you run an inventory control system?
  • Benefits of using barcodes
  • Best practices from industry experts
  • Features of the new Wasp Inventory Control V6

Click Here to Watch Now

Whether you’re tracking items across multiple warehouses or simply in a supply closet, this webinar will teach you the basics and how to start your own inventory control system.
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