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The League of Extraordinary Scanners: A Film Review

All right, readers, prepare yourselves, as what you are about to read is a Barcode Reader first. Take a seat; you will want to sit down for this, and try not to distract others around you with the whimper of your anticipation and the screams of your excitement. 

The Barcode Reader is going to review a movie. I say movie, but technically, by Academy guidelines, it is an animated short, or is it a short animated feature… you know what, it does not matter, we are splitting hairs and getting way off track.

SystemID Warehouse, The Barcode People, presents Barcode Scanner Theatre. This episode is “The League of Extraordinary Scanners.”

The movie we will be reviewing is The League of Extraordinary Scanners, a film about barcode scanners, their unique features, and their uncanny abilities to help businesses of all types. This feel-good, educational film features Wand Scanner, a mysterious Scots Scanner. He has called in barcode scanners from around the world in the hopes that they will agree to use their extraordinary features to help businesses be productive and efficient.

What scanners were invited, what unique abilities do they possess, and do they agree to help Wand Scanner? I won’t ruin the film for you, but I will say that all of these questions, along with so much more unfold within this film’s story.

I found it to be excellent, a true masterpiece. It was fun, suspenseful, and everything else you want in an epic, animated short. In fact, I thought it was too short; I did not want it to end. The story was superb.

The scanners, flawlessly illustrated, had warm personalities and were very relatable. The scenery, drawn by design artist, Jenny Ray, was spot on; you feel as if you are actually in Wand’s mansion. The writer/director, Kyle Gambrell, was magnificent, he did a great job. Although he is still a few years away from an Academy nod, or even a Golden Globe, we may, however, see him at Cannes.

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