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The Top 10 Barcode Scanners

Well, readers, it’s that time again. The days are growing shorter, the temperature is getting cooler, weekends become even more desirable and Mondays are no longer the worst day of the week. That’s right; football season is upon us, and what a wonderful time it is. With football comes rankings, match-ups, breakdowns, and countless other statistical data, so what better time to make a list of our own. I give you the Top 10 Barcode Scanners (over the last 10 years; based on sales). Enjoy!

10. Wasp WWR2900 – Whether you need quick access to data from an invoice, membership card, or any barcoded material, the Wasp WWR2900 pen scanner is the perfect tool for repetitive data entry. This Wasp pen barcode scanner is a reliable, cost-effective way to read barcodes. Though pen scanners have given way to newer technology, the WWR2900 is still a popular choice.

9. Wasp WLS9500 – The Wasp WLS9500 laser barcode scanner offers outstanding speed, performance and precision that is durable enough to perform even in harsh environments. With innovative multi-line rastering scan pattern, wide working range and superior motion tolerance, it’s no wonder why this scanner made the list.

8. Motorola (formerly Symbol) LS1006 Spark – Replaced by the LS2208, the Spark was Symbol’s first attempt at a value line. At the time, the Spark was boasted as the best aim-and-shoot scanner in its class. It was faster, more compact, and had a better working range than any economy scanner before it.

7. Metrologic MS9540 Voyager CG – With a futuristic design and advanced scanning system, Metrologic MS9540 Voyager CG is the most advanced single-line, hand-held barcode scanner on the market today. Equipped with both In-Stand and Out-of-Stand operation, Voyager can be used as both a hand-held and fixed projection scanner.

6. Wasp WLS9000 – The WLS9000 was a durable all-purpose laser barcode scanner designed to handle tough warehouse environments, but can also be used in less rugged situations such as retail. The WLS9000 has been replaced by the Wasp WLS9500, which features the ability to read damaged and poorly printed barcodes.

5. Datalogic PowerScan SR – The PowerScan SR laser barcode scanner was known for fast, accurate barcode reading. From contact to upwards of 65 inches away, the PowerScan would get the job done. With an IP54 seal rating, the PowerScan was dependable in the harshest conditions. This scanner has been replaced recently with the Datalogic PD8330, which is an even more rugged scanner.

4. Honeywell 3800LR – The 3800LR was a high performance linear imager. It was known for its sharp aiming line and high resolution imaging. The 3800LR has since been replaced by the Honeywell 3800g, which offers an even more impressive scan engine and faster scan speeds.

3. Motorola (formerly Symbol) CS1504 – The Motorola CS1504 barcode scanner has a compact, go-anywhere design that allows it to fit into a purse or onto a keychain. Designed for scan-while-you-shop applications, this device is easy to use and can store up to 150 scans, even if the device loses power.

2. Wasp WLR8900 – The Wasp WLR8900 is a long range linear imager scanner that is easy to set up and even easier to use. It provides flexibility over other imagers by being able to scan barcodes from distances of up to 12 inches away.

1. Motorola (formerly Symbol) LS2208 – The affordable Motorola LS2208 laser scanner provides fast, reliable scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form. With a standard five year warranty and a low price, it’s no wonder that the LS2208 has been the most popular barcode scanner ever since it hit the market.

There you have it, readers: System ID’s top 10 barcode scanners over the last 10 years. A lot has changed since the year 2000, from Super Bowl Champions to barcode scanners. One thing is for certain, things do in fact change. It should be exciting to see where scanning technology takes us. Stay tuned for the latest developments, and enjoy the 2010 football season.

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