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Datalogic Products: Ultimate Inventory Management Solution

No matter how large or small the company, it is imperative for all stock and products to be properly organized and efficiently handled, from storage and packaging to shipment to the customer’s doorstep. One of the most effective ways to maintain this flow is to use the right equipment and software to complete all of the necessary steps.

Companies seem to understand the need for advanced technology to keep up with the quickly changing landscape of business, but are they responding to that need? A new Ovum study revealed that while four out of five companies are in fact aware of the need for a fast response, they’re still consistently held back by the complexity of tech.

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This can be particularly devastating for inventory management. While many companies already have their foot in the door of new technology, others are migrating from ultra-outdated modes like Excel spreadsheets and low-performance scanning equipment.

However, the transition from low-tech to high-tech doesn’t have to be as painful as managers and executives seem to think. For companies on the prowl for new inventory management solutions, Datalogic may have the answer.

PowerScan Industrial Scanners and the Falcon X3 Mobile Computer from Datalogic are two of the newest solutions catching the attention of inventory management departments across the country. On its own, each of the products is an organizational asset, but together, they create a powerful, comprehensive system that eliminates the possibility of human error and catches mispicks before they happen.

Datalogic Case study - Powerscan PM8300

What’s a PowerScan Industrial Scanner?

PowerScan Industrial Scanners are handheld barcode readers that have the ability to not only read barcodes, but also to store them, organize them, and translate damaged or semi-visual barcodes into readable product numbers. No matter which model a company invests in, the scanner itself is highly durable and acceptable for employee use in nearly any type of warehouse or storage climate. It is also lightweight and designed to maximize comfort for the user, no matter how long they have to hold it.

Special features of this product include:

  • A loud beeper for assured completeness when scanning barcodes
  • A drop resistance of 6.5 feet
  • High-quality waterproofing and particulate sealing
  • Standard Range Optics for up to 3.3 feet
  • Auto Range Optics for 8 inches to 41 feet
  • USB port for data downloading and uploading

PowerScan Industrial Scanners also come standard with Datalogic 3GL, which helps ensure user accuracy when scanning barcodes.


What’s the Falcon X3 Mobile Computer?

Once the information for all of the products is gathered by one of the PowerScan Industrial Scanners, companies can use the Falcon X3 Mobile Computer to organize barcodes into groups and give them a new barcode that makes it easier than ever to locate, collect, and ship products. In addition to top-of-the-line barcode reader technology, the Falcon X3 Mobile Computer also provides users with the ability to communicate with each other using a Summit 802.11 a/b/g radio or via Bluetooth.

Other special features of this product include:

  • Security system with CCX v4 certification
  • Memory storage of 256 MB RAM / 256 MB Flash
  • Choice of Windows Mobile or CE Operating System
  • Combination of PXA 310 and Cortex-M3 processors for maximum processing power
  • Data transfer capabilities through Bluetooth, USB, RS-232, Modem, or Ethernet
  • 3 megapixel color camera
  • Laser Scanner, Auto Range Laser Scanner, or 2D Imager with Green Spot Technology
  • Micro SD slot for additional memory

Physical security features include:

  • Drop to concrete resistance of up to 6 feet
  • IP64 Protection Class
  • Rubberized plastic outside increases comfort and protects against daily wear, changing temperatures from trauma and being dropped.

How Do They Combine for More Efficient Inventory Management?

Inventory management is about more than just checking in orders and stacking boxes. It is a highly complicated system, from receiving products, to ensuring that customers get the correct products safely and on time. As a company grows, the tasks involved in this system get more complicated, which can often lead to mistakes, returns, and refunds.

Add the fact that the barcode scanning industry is expected to grow at 4.05% over the next four years, and this can spell big changes for the future of inventory management. No matter which system you choose, you don’t want to have to constantly replace your equipment when a new model comes along.

This is where the combination of the Falcon X3 Mobile Computer and the PowerScan Industrial Scanner come in. These highly updatable, highly adaptable products can keep up with modern developments so you don’t have to.

These devices also work in tandem to minimize hassle and improve efficiency. Using the scanners, companies are able to document the specifics of each item, including color, weight, size, and product features, by scanning their barcodes and organizing them within the computerized system. The Falcon X3 Mobile Computer then accesses the system, and employees use the scanner on the device to scan individual items into a shipping statement. The shipping statement is then given its own barcode for easy access later, and the correct items are sent to the correct customers without confusion or errors.


Who Is Investing In the PowerScan Industrial Handhelds and Falcon X3 Mobile Computers?

One such company benefiting from this system is Crown Imperial and the stores within their system, such as Waterline. Waterline is the largest independent supplier of kitchen equipment for the United Kingdom. In expanding their business, they were seeing an increase in incorrect shipments, missing orders, customer complaints, and returns.

According to Martin Head, Director at Crown Manufacturing, “Each miss-pick means returning, restocking, and reissuing the item.” There was a need for a more reliable system that would eliminate mistakes and ensure customer satisfaction.

“We wanted a system to ensure that every detail, down to the last handle, was exactly what the customer ordered.”

“It’s about getting it right the first time and every time; for our customers and ultimately the British households they serve,” Head notes. “We wanted a system to ensure that every detail, down to the last handle, was exactly what the customer ordered.”

To achieve this, Crown Imperial partnered with Datalogic to find an individualized solution to the problem that would not cost the company a lot of money. They decided to make the switch from their current inventory management software to the PowerScan Industrial Handhelds and the Falcon X3 Mobile Computers.

“We have found the Powerscan™ industrial scanner to be ultimately reliable and a great investment,” says Head. “Now we are using the advanced Falcon X3 mobile computer to improve our operations and have seen an immediate return on investment.”

Companies recognize that reactive speed is required to succeed in any industry, but they’re often stalled by the threat of complicated technology. As the market for inventory management continues to grow and the software and equipment continues to develop, these companies may be left by the wayside. Will you?

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