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Voice Picking Systems Improve Warehouse Productivity By 20 Percent

Datalogic Lynx PDA

With the Datalogic Lynx PDA and  Wavelink Speakeasy applications, warehouse work becomes more efficient and accurate.

According to Datalogic, voice picking systems improve warehouse productivity by 10 to 20 percent. That’s good news for users of the Datalogic Lynx PDA, Elf PDA, Memor, and Skorpio X3 mobile computers, which now use Wavelink Speakeasy applications to significantly streamline the picking process and increase inventory accuracy.

Speed up the picking process

Voice-picking systems shorten the time needed to pick an order by providing step-by-step information to warehouse workers over a headset. The headset is paired with a Datalogic mobile computer, which is typically worn on a belt. Workers have both hands and eyes free, while the voice application gives instructions to help them find items. Workers then can confirm their activities with simple voice commands.

Wavelink Speakeasy boasts accuracy of at least 99 percent. In addition, the voice-picking application improves worker safety, since hands and eyes are free to deal with the task at hand and the environment, rather than punching data into a computer or reading a screen.

Improve inventory accuracy

On the other side of the equation is improved inventory management. In the past, inventory was counted manually, and printed slips were used to fulfill orders. Voice technology on Datalogic mobile computers streamlines the process for better overall warehouse productivity and more accurate inventory counts.

Datalogic offers a headset specifically designed for voice-picking and speech recognition applications. It functions well in high-noise industrial settings such as warehouses and distribution centers. The solution does not require voice training for each unit, since Wavelink Speakeasy recognizes a range of voices, accents, and dialects.

Also, the Wavelink Speakeasy software is simple to implement. It does not require additional hardware or servers, and it can easily be installed on an existing network.

“Datalogic is happy to offer this accessory to our mobile computer line, which will offer our customers the benefit of improving the workflow during the picking process,” said Tom Burke, vice president of product marketing – mobile computers. “Datalogic strives to develop products that combine both innovative technology and the recognized needs of our customers.”

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