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Wasp Inventory Control Stings Stockouts, Buzzes Productivity

Wasp Inventory Control puts you in command of your company’s inventory.

Many small businesses assume they cannot afford an automated inventory control solution. In the past, that may have been true. Most of these solutions were designed for large enterprises. Unfortunately, this left smaller companies relying on spreadsheets or pencil and paper to track inventory.

But today, Wasp Inventory Control offers the same powerful features as expensive, enterprise-sized inventory control packages – at a price most small and mid-sized companies can afford.

Find the right inventory at the right time

As a result, small businesses can eliminate common inventory problems that could be busting your bottom-line right now.


Wasp Inventory Control solves challenges such as stock-outs, overstocks, wasted time in the warehouse, and more.

  • Do your warehouse employees waste minutes, hours, or even days looking for missing inventory?  Wasp Inventory Control tells you exactly where to find specific pieces of inventory, saving significant time and boosting productivity.
  • Have you run out of popular inventory items, resulting in lost sales? Wasp Inventory Control monitors your stock levels automatically, alerting you when more needs to be ordered. You benefit from more sales and happier customers.
  • Do you write off significant inventory at the end of the year? With Wasp Inventory Control, you will always have accurate inventory counts on hand. This prevents overstocks that can lead to expensive write-offs.

It is surprisingly easy to get started with Wasp Inventory Control. The software comes packed with wizards and forms, which can be further customized as needed. No programming is necessary, however, and even casual users can get high-level functionality out of the software.

Start by importing your existing inventory spreadsheet. Then set up the information you would like tracked for each inventory item, such as:

  • Location
  • Serial number
  • SKU
  • UPC
  • Barcode
  • Maximum and minimum stock levels
  • Lot
  • Purchase order
  • Supplier
  • Expiration date
  • And more

As inventory arrives at or leaves your location, simply use a barcode scanner to scan each item. Wasp Inventory Control automatically adds or subtracts the inventory, ensuring your counts are always accurate.

Fly higher, boost your bottom line

Over time, you will more ways to refine your business and positively impact your bottom line with Wasp Inventory Control:

  • Establish reorder quantity levels for inventory items. When your stock gets low, the software notifies you, and you avoid costly out-of-stocks.
  • Perform cycle counts in a fraction of the time previously required. With the software and a barcode scanner, your cycle counts will not only be faster, but also 100 percent accurate.
  • Avoid tossing out expired inventory. With expirations dates at your fingertips, you can ensure that the items set to expire sooner are pushed out the door first. Plus, if items are going to expire soon, the software can automatically notify you.
  • Eliminate slow-moving inventory from your catalog. Some items may languish in your warehouse unnoticed. With Wasp Inventory Control, you have easy access to reports on aging inventory. You’ll quickly understand what items aren’t moving and can act accordingly.

A wide range of businesses and divisions can benefit from Wasp Inventory Control:

  • Warehouses
  • Light manufacturing and distribution centers
  • Retailers
  • Stock rooms and supply closets
  • Trucks, ships, or containers that carry inventory
  • Businesses that buy, stock, and sell parts and products

Purchase without fear. Wasp Inventory Control includes free training and free ongoing support. To learn more about this powerful solution, visit System ID.

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