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Wasp Pocket Barcode Scanner Offers Ultimate Portability

The Wasp WWS100i wireless pocket barcode scanner, which is so small that it can fit into a shirt pocket, transmits information via Bluetooth to a mobile device or PC.

You can use the scanner to remotely and securely update or monitor asset and inventory items. In addition, buyers in the field of retail arbitrage can rely on the scanner as they scout for inventory.

Wasp wireless pocket barcode scanner

The Wasp WWS100i wireless pocket barcode scanner is small enough to fit in a pocket.

Remote scanning with Bluetooth capabilities

When you scan an item with this pocket barcode scanner, it cordlessly transfers data to an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or similar mobile device. It can be used virtually anywhere and transmit barcode data to an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet from up to 33 feet.

Because it is so small, the Wasp pocket barcode scanner makes it ideal for mobile environments, including retail, office, healthcare, libraries, and more.

“The scanner’s minimal size and weight combined with its compatibility with multiple devices and platforms will deliver convenience to users,” says Brian Sutter, director of marketing for Wasp Barcode Technologies. “Furthermore, withstanding multiple drops and the high battery life are just more features we’ve implemented to make the user’s life a little easier.”

Heavy-duty performance in a tiny package

The pocket barcode scanner weighs just 15 ounces. It can easily read poorly printed or damaged barcodes with a print contrast ratio (PCR) as low as 30 percent. The device can withstand 5-foot drops to concrete and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to handle up to 5,000 scans in one single charge.

With an aggressive scan engine, the pocket barcode scanner can read all popular linear (1D) barcodes at up to 5.5 inches away. It can perform up to 240 scans per second. LED and beep tone indicators inform the user of the scanner’s power status, wireless connectivity, and barcode detection.

The scanner includes a two-year manufacturer’s warranty covering material defects. Manufacturer warranties can be extended and upgraded to cover accidental breakage with the purchase of an optional WaspProtect extended service plan.

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