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Xenon Color Area-Imaging Scanners Read Challenging Barcodes, Snap Photos

Xenon color area-imaging scanners solve a serious challenge for companies that face difficulty capturing certain barcodes and images.


Xenon color area-imaging scanners can capture color images with no loss in scan speed.

Xenon color area-imaging scanners can read color images and scan high-contrast color barcodes that previously were impossible to read, while still scanning typical black-and-white barcodes as well. For example, the scanners can read red barcodes on a white background – a feat most typical scanners cannot accomplish.

Bringing color images into the scanning mix

In addition, Xenon color area-imaging scanners can capture color images with no loss in scan speed. Image processing software offers advanced editing functions to produce high-quality images via:

  • Cropping
  • Brightening
  • Rotating
  • Sharpening

The Xenon 1900 Color area-imaging scanner, which is also available as the cordless Xenon 1902 Color area-imaging scanner, relies on Adaptus Imaging Technology and Honeywell’s ColorFusion Technology to enable superior reading performance on hard-to-read barcodes. This even includes barcodes on mobile device screens.

By choosing a Xenon color area-imaging scanner, customers eliminate the need to purchase multiple image capture and storage devices, resulting in lower costs and fewer risks of compromised data.

“At Honeywell, we take pride in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. With the backing of a strong patent suite, we have set the standard for color data capture in the AIDC space,” said Taylor Smith, director of product management, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility.

“Our extensive list of patented and patent-pending technologies, specifically around the implementation of global shutter and color-filtered sensors, will enable us to continue our track record of bringing leading solutions to the market that open new applications and use cases for our customers,” Smith added.

Taking color scanning to the next level

Additional upgrades made in these Xenon color area-imaging scanners include:

  • Extended field of depth
  • Improved data matrix
  • Better mobile phone reading
  • Adjustable illumination, Bluetooth HID keyboard interface
  • Optional laser aimers

As a result, Xenon color scanners can:

  • Capture colored portions of identification card in their original form
  • Take color images in healthcare settings for improved wound management
  • Allow for visual identification via quickly created images, rather than relying on wristbands or other identifiers

“The emergence and adoption of mobile phone reading in recent years has changed the way companies interact with consumers in various industries. Honeywell anticipates that color imaging will quickly follow suit,” Smith said. “Meeting the growing demands of this scanning evolution, the Xenon family of scanners continues to arm customers with the technologies necessary for future success.”

To easily manage Xenon color area-imaging scanners, customers can rely on MasterMind scanner management software, a quick and convenient solution that allows IT administrators to manage all scanners within the network from a single remote location.

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