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Zebra HC100 Reduces Healthcare Errors, Lowers Wristband Costs

The Zebra HC100 thermal printer makes it simple for healthcare organizations to print patient identification bracelets. But the results go much further than easy printing.

The barcoded wristbands printed by the Zebra HC100 enable healthcare professionals to quickly and easily check patient identity. This dramatically reduces errors that can harm patient health.


The Zebra HC100 lowers waste, reduces staff time, and eliminates errors when creating wristbands and caring for patients.

“Missing or illegible wristbands are a major contributing factor to many adverse events,” said Cristina De Martini, global practice leader for healthcare at Zebra Technologies. “By utilizing barcoded wristbands, hospitals can ensure that clinicians have the ability to accurately identify patients before collecting specimens, administering medications or transfusing blood – a critical component for enhancing patient safety and reducing the potential for error.”

More productivity, lower costs

The Zebra HC100 features a small footprint, as well as cartridges that are easy to load. Unlike laser wristband printers, the Zebra HC100 generates individual wristbands on demand.

Designed to handle a high volume of wristbands, the Zebra HC100 enhances productivity with fewer jams and less ongoing maintenance than competing laser printer solutions. Toner and ribbons do not need to be replaced, saving time and money.

With laser solutions, users must load labels into a special tray, print the labels, apply them to wristbands, and apply laminate coatings. In contrast, the Zebra HC100 simply:

  • Optimizes print intensity
  • Calibrates print size for wristband size
  • Creates a wristband in one easy step that is ready for patient use
  • Lowers waste and reduces staff time needed to create wristbands

A wide range of white and color cartridges are available, enabling healthcare facilities to choose various colors of wristbands to signify particular patient issues. They can be purchased in a variety of sizes, from infant to adult. Facilities can choose from adhesive tab or clip closures. In addition, the barcodes and text withstand:

  • Water
  • Blood
  • Soap
  • Other liquids

Easy to read, safe to use

The wristbands remain free of smudges longer than the average patient stay. They are protected with antimicrobial coating, which guards against the leading causes of U.S. hospital infections, including:

  • MRSA Types II, III, and IV
  • S. aureus
  • P. auruginosa
  • E. coli

The Zebra HC100 relies on built-in wireless connectivity, making fast work of new printer implementation and allowing users to move the printers to different locations in the healthcare facility. Zebra also partners with leading HIT software vendors to help expedite deployment of the Zebra HC100, thanks to easy integration with ADT applications.

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