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Zebra ZT220 Industrial Barcode Printers Packed With Features

The rugged Zebra ZT220 brings industrial-grade printing to businesses that need an affordable price point.


Unlike most competing printers at this price point, the Zebra ZT220 offers advanced features typically only seen in more expensive models.

A simplified industrial printer from Zebra Technologies, the Zebra ZT220 fits in small spaces, offers easy setup and maintenance, and provides the durable and reliable performance companies need for a wide range of applications.

Simple design that fulfills many applications

With uncomplicated features, the printer is ideal for barcode labeling applications where printer settings and formatting are not changed frequently. These might include light industrial and commercial environments such as:

  • Manufacturing, where the printer can be used for packaging labels, product ID labels, serial labels, work-in-process, receiving, and put-away labels
  • Healthcare, where common uses include unit-of-use labeling, specimen labels, orders, and asset tracking
  • Government agencies, which use the Zebra ZT220 for warehousing, asset tracking, and logistics
  • Retail applications including shelf labels, item tags, returns, and shipping
  • Transportation and logistics uses like cross-docking, compliance labeling, receiving, shipping, order picking and packing

Compact and convenient for any level of user

The Zebra ZT220 covers a smaller footprint than most industrial printers. In areas where space is scarce, the printer’s bi-fold door helps keep operations flowing smoothly since it needs only 4 inches of space to open. Its high-impact polymer case protects the printer in rigorous workplaces.

The space-saving design also features side loading for media. Color-coded cues help users easily find the paths for ribbon and labels. Plus, when the sensor needs to be repositioned, it can be quickly pinpointed thanks to illumination.

The Zebra ZT220 was designed for ease of use and intuitive user operation. Because it was made with simple applications in mind, the printer features a single-use three-button interface and effortless setup. To determine the printer’s status, users can glance at icon-based status LEDs.

The printer’s drive system requires only minimal maintenance. When the platen and printhead do need to be cleaned or replaced, no tools are necessary to do the job. For other basic service jobs, only three tools are ever required.

Advanced features at a value price

Unlike most competing printers at this price point, the Zebra ZT220 also offers advanced features typically only seen in more expensive models:

  • Backward compatibility makes it quick and easy to get new printers up and running
  • Multiple connectivity options include parallel, 10/100 Ethernet, and 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless
  • Fine-tuned adjustments allow for greater print precision
  • Even on narrow media, text and barcodes appear crisp and clean
  • Energy Star compliance saves on electricity costs

Does your business need an industrial barcode printer that can make the grade? Learn more about the Zebra ZT220 from System ID.

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