How the Sharing Economy Has Changed the Supply Chain

  There was a time not too long ago when the thought of getting into a stranger’s car, or sleeping in their bed, was unthinkable. We only trusted cab drivers to ferry us from place to place, or hot

‘Tis the Season To Prep 2018 Taxes: Asset Management Can Save You Time

Tax season has passed and next April will come along before you know it. Did you collect your gross receipts and banking statements? Travel expense logs? Equipment vouchers? The equipment itself? Ma

How Small Businesses Can Survive the Age Of Free Shipping

It’s not easy for small businesses that sell online—or exist at all, really—to survive in the shadows of retail giants like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target. The giants have too much economy of scale, b

The Biggest Supply Chain Trends

We’re still just starting the year 2017, and already there are some important supply chain trends to take note of. This is a space that is always in flux—those involved in logistics are constantly l

2017's Emerigng and Under-the-Radar Retail Trends

The year 2017 is an exciting time to be alive, and believe it or not, the world of retail is no exception. Retail is an ever-changing space, susceptible to changes in technology, popular culture, an

What Are Some Of the Challenges of Going Global?

As a business owner, you have goals and dreams for your company. However, economic growth continues to be a challenge facing small businesses in the U.S.  In fact, the 2017 State of Small Business R

Retailers Are Returning To the Bricks and Clicks Model

When it comes to retail, we are approaching the singularity. In the commerce context, this isn’t the somewhat-terrifying fusion of humans and robots into one mind, but the combination of online and

How Robots Are Changing the Automatic Data Capture Market

If there’s one technology trend we can say is sweeping almost every part of modern life—including ecommerce, warehousing, supply chain management and business in general—it’s quite simple: robots. W

7 Strategies To Keep Up With Your Fast Growing Business

Chocomize, a New Jersey-based custom chocolate company, was a relatively new company. Business was good and growth was steady. That is, until Oprah Magazine caught wind of the company’s chocolatey o

An Employee For All Seasons: Seasonal Help For Your Small Business

According to the 2017 State of Small Business Report, more than 50 percent of small businesses plan to hire new employees in the coming year. While the focus of this plan may rest more on permanent

Robots In The Warehouse: Not just for Amazon

In the past, we thought of autonomous robots—whether in the workplace, the warehouse or in our personal, everyday lives—as the stuff of science-fiction. In recent years, they’ve come to fruition, bu

What Your Business Can Learn From Etsy

As 2017 begins in earnest, one of the most intriguing companies to watch is Etsy, the peer-to-peer ecommerce platform that specializes in unique crafts. Now in its 11th year, Etsy’s growth has the b

How Uber Transformed More Than Just Transportation

It’s been said that 2017 will be the year that retail begins to undergo “Uberization.” In a few short years, Uber has gone from simply a new take on calling a car to shorthand for completely overhau

Drones and Robots in the Warehouse Are Assistants, For Now

There may come a time when flying drones and automated robots make the human warehouse worker obsolete. In fact, this is a fear that pervades many companies across a variety of industries. But based

Four Ways Businesses Are Behind the Technology Curve

Generally speaking, small business are slow to adopt new technology. We all know it: We see the mom-and-pop shop that still takes orders over the phone, writes everything down on paper and doesn’t t

Barcode Labeling During the Busiest Shipping Season

With the ‘most wonderful time of the year wrapping up, so is the end of the busiest shipping time all over the globe. Like most years, shippers had predicted a record number of deliveries for this h

How Your Small Business Can Build Better Omnichannel ROI

Macy’s is one retail giant that expertly executes omnichannel experiences. How do they do it? With metrics - because numbers don’t lie. The company’s digital sales efforts boosted last year’s fourth

5 Challenges For Supply Chain and E-Commerce Growth

Thanks to the World Wide Web, the way we shop, pay and how long we’re willing to wait for delivery have changed in every imaginable way. Blame it on Amazon and it's ability to get customers every co

Lehigh Valley Is the New E-Commerce Capital

Thanks to your late-night online shopping habits, development in an area in upstate Pennsylvania called Lehigh Valley and sometimes colloquially referred to as just “The Valley,” has surged astronom

Preparing For An Asset Audit

How to Prepare for an Annual Audit You may dread the annual audit because it is a big and potentially expensive and disruptive undertaking for you and your employees. You may even completely dread th

Year-End Liquidation: 7 Ways to Move Your Excess Inventory

All year long, your business prepares for the holiday season. It’s the “make-or-break” time of the year, and you need to make it count. Business can’t stop once the elves retire for another year and

6 Ways To Eliminate The Hard-to-Get Holiday Toy

The pet rock. Cabbage Patch Kids. Nintendo. Tickle Me Elmo. Furbee. iPods. And this year, the Hatchimal. Ah, those hard-to-get holiday toys of the past. Every year it was something different. And e

How to Prepare Your Warehouse For the Holiday Rush

Think about all the shopping you do in the winter months to have gifts ready for the holiday rush. Multiply those purchases by the millions of people who are doing the same across the country and yo

How Amazon Prepares for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

No other retail company does more business during a more crucial stretch than Amazon does on Cyber Monday. In 2015, Amazon generated 36 percent of all online sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving,

How NFL Teams Make Sure There Are No Asset Glitches On Game Day

We’re now in the middle of NFL season, which means that Sundays (and Mondays, and Thursdays) are now almost completely dedicated to the arduous task of eating wings and watching football. Fans acros

Spooky Things That Can Happen If You Don’t Track Your Inventory

So you didn’t buy enough Halloween candy. The neighborhood children are out in droves and they keep ringing your doorbell and reciting the obligatory “Trick or Treat,” and you keep answering the doo

Barcodes and Asset Management Along the Global Supply Chain

With manufacturers maintaining operations across borders and continents and working with a wider array of smaller companies and suppliers to develop, manufacture, and distribute products, it is cruc

Protecting Your Warehouse Against the Cold

Just like our homes and offices, warehouses need a little TLC from time to time. Retail companies that use a warehouse to store their inventory (as well as retail behemoths that run their own wareho

Adults Who Steal From Youth Sports And Asset Management

Adults who take hundreds of thousands of dollars earmarked for the children of their communities and businesses that fail to make wise investments in asset management, the connection is stronger tha

How Rapid Deployment Centers Are Changing Inventory Management

In the retail space, online sales brought in $97.3 billion for the second quarter of 2016. That is an increase of 4.5 percent from Q1 2016 and represents around 8 percent of the $1.2 trillion in tot

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