6 Things You Might Not Know About Asset Management

What is asset management? This question is far more common for business owners than it should be: An incredible 55 percent of SMBs polled by Wasp Barcode's Small Business Report admitted they did no

Inventory Management Best Practices And How to Implement Them

  It may seem overwhelming to start inventory management best practices, especially if you’ve been in business for awhile.  Perhaps years of manual inventory control has wreaked havoc on your wareh

How to Prevent Supply Chain Fraud

Tips To Reduce and Catch Supply Chain Fraud Managing your supply chain is crucial to operating a successful business, but actually keeping track of everything that happens along the way is almost i

What Barcode Printer is Best for Your Business?

Barcode printing is probably not something you think about very often. Just because you aren’t thinking about it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be. The applications for barcode printers are almost endl

7 Tips To More Efficient Inventory Management

Inventory management is a critical contributor to your company’s operations. If you can reduce friction along your supply chain you can cut costs and increase efficiency. Strategic inventory managem

What to Do After the Holiday Retail Rush

How to Approach Your Inventory Management After Holiday Sales If you are like most retailers, the holiday shopping season is your biggest and busiest time of year. So, after the holiday rush, wear

4 Simple Supply Chain Strategies That Will Cut Costs

Everyday millions of parts and products move around our vast globe, all moving along the massive supply chain that powers our economy. Monitoring your small piece of that global flow is critical to

How Barcodes and Inventory Management Increase Productivity

Have you ever wondered why your growth strategies are struggling, or worse, never come to fruition? It’s likely you and your employees are spending too much time on other areas of business like inve

How to Pick the Perfect Mobile Device For Your Application?

Mobile devices have moved beyond the realm of the consumer. Companies across a variety of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare, have identified the power of mobile solutions to make their bu

6 Things Great Inventory Managers Do

Inventory managers play a crucial role in any business. To do it successfully they need to possess a wide range of skills. Inventory managers lead a team of workers as they manage the flow of stock 

What is a Barcode Scaner and How Does it Work?

Barcodes have helped retailers pack information, such as pricing and available inventory, onto their wares to move things along at the check-out counter, for decades. The barcode scanning systems ar

6 Simple Supply Chain Strategies That Will Cut Costs

These tips will help businesses optimize and reduce unnecessary costs along their supply chain in order to build a more efficient model. The supply chain is the network of independent but interconn

What Do You Need to Know: Asset or Inventory

By identifying the main differences between fixed asset and inventory management, both will improve your small business' ROI and streamline efficiency. Though they are both occasionally referred to

How to Prevent Inventory Shrinkage in Your Supply Chain

Inventory shrinkage is one of the biggest challenges faced by retail businesses. The loss of your goods means the loss of your company’s money and damage to your bottom line. The National Retail Fe

How to Use Various Methods of Asset Depreciation

At its core, the concept of depreciation is simple: When a business buys a fixed asset, a long-term asset used in the production of inventory, which is then sold for a profit, it commits to keeping

7 Important Inventory Metrics for Your Warehouse

Setting goals is important for your small business to grow. As you start setting objectives, you may be tempted to look at other successful businesses and copy what they’re doing. Resist that urge!

10 Reasons Why Barcode Asset Tracking Software is the Perfect Solution

Asset management or tracking software, like many tools that are used to increase employee productivity, is often overlooked by small businesses looking to achieve revenue growth. When it comes to r

How to Improve Your Business Fixed Asset Auditing Process

Novice business owners may not think much about their fixed assets, long-term assets that are used in the production of inventory and income, beyond purchasing them. These assets, which are often th

Why Inventory Tracking is a Gift During the Holidays

3 Holiday Warehouse Challenges And How Inventory Control Helps Before summer is even over, retailers around the world gear up for the upcoming holiday season, and it’s little wonder; the National Ret

Improving Small Business Time and Attendance

Improving Small Business with Time and Attendance Can you think of an issue hotels and laboratories might have in common… something vital in the success of each business? In fact, vital in the succes

What You Need to Know: Fixed Asset or Inventory Management

Though they are both occasionally referred to simply as “assets” on a company’s balance sheet but inventory and fixed assets are very different. They require different management systems in order to

How the Army Took Control of their Assets

  Arguable the most powerful army in the world, spending $577 billion per year, stacked with superior airpower and a carrier fleet larger than other country’s entire navy, one would think the Unite

How Firemen Improved Asset Management Practices

For years, volunteer fire departments have struggled with employee and asset management issues, not posing an issue for profit but simply challenging their continued existence. Here are some helpful

The Impact of Mobility in Manufacturing

How Mobile Technology Improves Operations for Manufacturers Mobility has been on the move since the first cordless phone call was placed in 1973. Employees from all industries across the globe depend

How to Remove the Roadblocks to Inventory Turnover

Knowing the real price of low inventory turnover is a critical piece of information for any business. Inventory levels predict sales and earnings. That’s why it’s important to correctly manage your

How to Maintain Successful Supply Chain Logistics

As it is with any type of business, staying up-to-date on current news, trends, and best practices in logistics and supply chain management is a crucial step to maintaining success. Fortunately, there

Porsche Parts Distribution Centre Runs Faster with Zebra Printers

Zebra Printers Keep International Supply Chain Seamless As a business grows, its supply chain becomes more complex. Not only are there more products to distribute to more clients, there’s an increase

How Barcode Tracking Simplifies Supply Chain Management

Did you know that more than five billion barcodes are scanned every day? It’s true, according to GS1, the Brussels-based nonprofit that maintains international UPC standards. With that many barcodes c

Why Small Businesses Need a Barcode Inventory System

Most business owners are always looking to implement new strategies to make their daily operations run smoother, easier and more efficiently.  One very basic way to streamline business operations ofte

Datalogic Products: Ultimate Inventory Management Solution

No matter how large or small the company, it is imperative for all stock and products to be properly organized and efficiently handled, from storage and packaging to shipment to the customer’s doorste

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