Code Corp Mobile Computers and Data Collection Terminals

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Mobile computers and data collection terminals are hand held computers that provide mobility and portability while capturing or exchanging barcode data. Data can either be collected in a batch or accessed real-time via a wireless local area network (WLAN) or wide area network (WAN).

System Warehouse offers an extensive line of mobile computers and data collection terminals from the industry's leading manufacturers. Our wide range of hand held computers, rugged mobile computers, vehicle-mount and fixed computers, field service or industrial mobile computers, and tablets can accommodate any application from on-premise within the four walls to field service applications beyond the four walls.

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Whether automating business processes for the first time, scaling existing systems, or optimizing environments with the latest barcode technology, System ID has the barcode systems businesses need to improve productivity and profitability. Automate. Scale. Optimize. With System ID Barcode Solutions.