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To enjoy a productive environment, companies need a reliable system for tracking employee attendance.

After all, employees are paid for the time they work, so knowing when they come and go makes it easier to manage staffing and performance. It also helps when processing payroll, which is often a time-consuming task.

Benefits of tracking time and attendance

Many organizations rely on spreadsheets to manually capture employee information. But that also leads to inaccuracies that impact your bottom line. An automated system eliminates these issues, so you can:

  • Trust your employee information is correct by removing forged time logs
  • Minimize errors due to manual data entry procedures
  • Increase productivity that comes from having reliable systems with accurate information
  • Streamline processes that used to take excessive time
  • Improve efficiency by ensuring your employees are performing as expected

Worried it may be difficult to implement an attendance tracking system? It's actually pretty simple to install.

1 Identify how many people you need to track.

Do you need to track the time of all employees or only those who are non-exempt? Will you track any on-site visitors or guests? The first step to selecting a time and attendance system is to figure out how many people you need to track.

2 Assign a unique ID to each employee.

Every employee and guest must have a unique identification number that can be scanned. Employee and visitor badges make this task easy because they usually contain a barcode, magnetic stripe, or prox chip. If your employees do not have ID cards, you may need to purchase a card printer.

3 Determine the location of every check-in station.

A check-in station is a place where your employees and guests will check in or out. You must identify the location of each check-in station so you'll know how many to purchase. Locations may include building exits, stations on a manufacturing line, or access points to secure spaces.

Each station may use a PC with a reader, a fixed terminal, or a time clock with biometric (fingerprint), HID, RFID, or barcode technology. Each type has its advantages; talk to a System ID advisor to see which solution works best for you.

4 Select your attendance tracking system.

Powering each check-in station is software that tracks attendance. Some versions provide detailed information, while others only supply basics such as employee ID and check-in time. Consider your specific requirements for capturing and reporting data before you shop for software.

Wasp Barcode Technologies offer complete solutions featuring WaspTime software, the industry’s best employee tracking system for small-to-medium-sized businesses. You may purchase software only or bundles that include barcode scanning equipment.

5 Purchase a card printer.

You can't create ID cards without a printer. Select one that securely customizes cards for your unique needs.

6 Consider integration requirements.

Fully integrate your time and attendance solution with existing systems to:

  • Streamline payroll processing and accounting
  • Maximize access controls
  • Deliver real-time updates
  • Easily export data
  • Gain instant insight into employee performance and accountability

Ask for help.

At System ID, we have advisors on staff who help selecting, installing, and integrating your time and attendance system. With 30 years' experience, we can uncover the right barcode system to meet your specific tracking needs.

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