220XI4, DT/TT/300DPI/16MB/XML/SER/PAR/US 223-801-00000

Zebra 220Xi4 Series Printers

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220XI4, DT/TT/300DPI/16MB/XML/SER/PAR/US 223-801-00000

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Part#: 223-801-00000

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Zebra 220Xi4 Barcode Printers

The Zebra 220Xi4 Barcode Printers improve productivity by working non-stop in high-volume industrial settings where rugged reliability is required.

Designed to withstand harsh conditions and extreme temperatures, the Zebra 220Xi4 printers are completely housed in metal and steel to survive the wear and tear found in most manufacturing and logistics environments. In addition, their operating mechanisms are tightly enclosed so that damaging dust and dirt can’t get it. These features guarantee that your investment will last for years to come.

With top print speeds of up to 14” per second, these durable printers are also super-fast. So, not only will you get a barcode printer that thrives in your plant or warehouse, you’ll enjoy increased efficiency that comes from a printer that keeps pace with demand.

These legendary industrial barcode printers are known for their superior print quality. They generate either direct thermal or thermal transfer labels in 203 or 300 dpi print resolution for crisp, precise images that read correctly every time they’re scanned across the supply chain. And with a maximum print width of 8.5,” you can print a variety of labels for several application types, including inventory, asset, receiving/shipping, and compliance.

Features such as media hangers improve the usability of Zebra 220Xi4 barcode printers, as do multiple connectivity options including USB, serial, parallel, and internal Ethernet, which enables you to quickly queue up print jobs with no waiting.

A large LCD screen simplifies set up by displaying built-in wizards that guide you through the configuration steps. A “mirror” feature automatically retrieves user-defined configurations such as files, formats, graphics, and firmware for effortless deployment.

ZebraNet Bridge, a remote device management tool Zebra adds to all 220Xi4 models, enables continuous monitoring of printers from any desktop in your network. This handy feature proactively alerts you to potential risks to eliminate costly downtime.


  • Print methods: Thermal transfer and direct thermal
  • Print width: Up to 8.5”
  • Print resolution: 203 or 300 dpi
  • Print speed: Up to 14” per second
  • Memory (RAM): 16 MB/8 MB
  • Connectivity: USB, parallel, serial, internal Ethernet, 802.11b/g wireless LAN


  • Rugged reliability. Performs 24-7 for maximum productivity in high-volume industrial environments.
  • Optimal efficiency. Crisp images produce accurate scans at every stage of the supply chain to expedite processing.
  • Designed to last. Tightly enclosed operating mechanisms keep out dirt and dust, while all-metal housing protects against the elements.
  • Lightning fast. Top speeds of up to 14” per second enable super quick printing.
  • Prevents downtime. Remote device management tool allows you to proactively monitor and manage machines from any computer in your network.


  • Inventory management
  • Cross docking
  • Asset management
  • Receiving/shipping
  • Work-in-process tracking
  • Compliance labeling
  • Order labels
  • Quality control


  • Manufacturing/Warehousing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Government
  • Transportation and Logistics

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