Zebra DS3578 Scanners

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Requires Cradle (Part# STB3578-Cf007wr), USB Cable (Part# Cba-U01-S07zar USB), Power supply (Part# 50-14000-266r) and AC Line Cord (Part# 50-16000-182r).

Web Price: 1,148.40
List Price: 1,595.00


Part#: DS3578-DP2F005WR

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Zebra DS3578 2D Scanners

Zebra DS3578 2D scanners deliver top performance in harsh industrial environments with a wide variety of applications.

The cordless DS3578 2D barcode scanners boast government-grade security of FIPS 140-2, indicating their compliance with the most stringent federal government and industry security regulations. This designation alone attracts a multitude of industrial users; however, other features add to their popularity in several ways.

  • They use breakthrough digital imaging technology for extremely fast and accurate data capture. This includes virtually every 1D and 2D barcode, a wide array of direct part marks (DPM), and digital images—including that are damaged and poorly printed.
  • The omnidirectional DS3578 2D imagers reliably read barcodes from any angle, making them ideal for areas with hard-to-reach items or bulky parts that aren’t easy to scan.
  • They understand IUID constructs and can automatically separate and send the required information to the correct applications.
  • They possess powerful processors, fast sensor shutter speeds, and patent-pending fast pulse illumination for superior image capture.
  • They allow the pairing of seven scanners to one cradle, which minimizes equipment expenses that come when additional cradles must be purchased.

In addition, the Zebra DS3578s are rugged and tough. They survive multiple drops onto concrete from distances up to 6.5 feet and boast IP65 sealing ratings, which signify their superior resistance to water and dust. Industrial environments with harsh conditions rely on these features for lasting performance and minimal downtime, which can easily eat into profits.

Rounding out the list of notable features is the feedback mechanisms on the DS3578s. They offer visual validation using a bright LED light; they sound a loud beep—whose volume is adjustable; and they vibrate. These modes make sure every scan is properly captured, even in noisy environments.

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