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Zebra DS4208 2D Scanners

Zebra DS4208 2D scanners streamline the supply chain by quickly reading all 2D barcodes without sacrificing quality or performance.

2D barcode scanners historically lagged behind laser scanners when it came to speed and accuracy. Improvements in barcode scanning technology now allow you to enjoy this same level of performance when scanning 2D barcodes. Such is the case with the DS4208 scanners. Zebra designed their high-performing, handheld DS4208 scanners to support the new crop of 2D barcodes created to accelerate processing across the supply chain.

They integrated omnidirectional scan engines, which scan barcodes from any angle—regardless whether you’re in a warehouse or store. This feature speeds processing because you do not have to align the scanner with the barcode, nor pause between scans. Too, the DS4208 scanners read both paper and electronic barcodes on tablets, phones, or laptops. This boosts efficiency while improving customer service at the point of interaction. In fact, having the ability to scan barcodes on mobile devices opens up opportunities previously deemed unattainable.

For example, quick-service restaurants and retailers can accept mobile coupons at the register after luring customers in with location-based couponing that is activated when they are in the vicinity of an establishment. Additionally, hotel guests and shoppers can use electronic loyalty cards to cash-in on rewards instead of carrying around plastic, while sports fans and movie-goers can quickly enter venues without having to keep up with paper tickets.

Convenience, speed, and accuracy aren’t the only benefits of the Motorola Symbol DS4208 2D scanners. To ensure lasting performance, Motorola Symbol durably designed them to withstand drops of 6 feet and routine exposure to extreme temperatures, dust, and liquids. They also made them easy to set up and maintain by guaranteeing compatibility with common interfaces and enabling remote scanner management from any network location. And, they created multiple models to work in various industries and environments.

The SR model reads codes at a standard range for general use, while the HC model is packaged in disinfectant-ready housing that meets safety requirements in healthcare facilities. The HD (high-density) version reads tiny, dense barcodes commonly found in manufacturing plants, and the DL model parses PDF417 barcodes on driver’s licenses and other forms of identification.


  • Corded/cordless:  Corded
  • Data capture: 1D, 2D, PDF, paper or electronic
  • Scan type: Omnidirectional
  • Working range: From .1” to 15.2”
  • Rugged specs: 6 ft. drops to concrete
  • Warranty: 60 months


  • Accelerates the supply chain. Reads new 2D barcodes developed to streamline supply chain processing from any angle without requiring alignment.
  • Supports mobile applications. Scans both paper and electronic barcodes, including mobile coupons, loyalty cards, and paperless tickets.
  • Designed for multiple uses and industries. Fits applications in nearly every industry by offering models designed for specific environments and uses.
  • Expedites processing. Includes the speed and accuracy of 1D scanners, but extends its usefulness by reading 1D, 2D, and PDF barcodes.
  • Improves customer service.  Promotes quicker response times at the point of transaction.


  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Mobile coupons
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Mobile gift cards
  • Age/identity verification
  • Hotel check in
  • Event registration and admission
  • Law enforcement
  • Mobile ticketing
  • Credit applications
  • Warehouse management

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