Zebra DS6878 Scanners

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Zebra DS6878 2D Scanners

The Zebra DS6878 2D scanners prevent everyday errors by accurately capturing images on both barcode labels and mobile devices. This functionality makes them a great match for multiple industries using 1D, 2D, and PDF417 labeling.

Accuracy improves efficiency, but it’s not the only feature that makes these general-purpose 2D barcode scanners a hit across the globe. Thanks to their revolutionary SE4500 scan engine, the DS6878 imagers boast speeds typically only found on 1D scanners. So, not only can you correctly capture images such as barcodes, signatures, documents, photographs, text, and MICR on checks; you will do so much faster, which will boost productivity in all areas of operations.

To fulfill promises of superior performance, Zebra also added future-proof features such as motion tolerance, which contributes to the lightening-fast scans of barcodes—including those that are poorly printed or damaged. Omnidirectional scanning also promotes productivity by enabling you to scan barcodes from any angle without having to precisely align the barcode with the scanner. And because these cordless 2D imagers come equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, you can securely roam up to 300 feet from your host device to extend your working range.

Durability and versatility are also signatures of the high-performing DS6878 scanners. Designed to survive drops of 6 feet and overcome daily dings, they deliver reliable longevity. Their optional FIPS 140-2 certification also ensures compliance with stringent industry security regulations such as HIPAA and PCI. This is true for every DS6878 2D scanner, which includes the standard SR model; the DL, which parses driver’s licenses for age and identity verification; the HD, which is disinfectant-ready for use in healthcare facilities; and the HD model, which reads high-density, low-contrast barcodes usually found in electronics manufacturing.

Other attractive features include remote scanner management technology that allows you to easily track, configure, and manage scanners from a central location; flexible mounting options that enable countertop or under-counter installation; and configuration wizards that simplify set up.


  • Corded/cordless:  Cordless Bluetooth
  • Data capture: 1D, 2D, PDF, OCR/MICR, image capture and transfer, paper or electronic
  • Scan type: Omnidirectional
  • Working range: Up to 1.9”
  • Rugged specs: 6 ft. drops to concrete
  • Warranty: 36 months


  • Prevents errors. Accurately captures images on both barcode labels and mobile devices from any angle.
  • Quickly captures images. Boasts speeds typically only found on laser scanners.
  • Boosts productivity. Reads 1D, 2D, and PDF barcodes along with signatures, documents, photographs, text, and OCR/MICR encoding.
  • Works in any environment. Multiple models meet requirements of most industries and environments for widespread adoption.
  • Durably built. Withstands drops of 6 feet and daily wear-and-tear with IP43 sealing that protects components.


  • Retail
  • POS transactions
  • Age and identity verification
  • Returns
  • Credit card applications
  • Controlled item sales
  • Mobile loyalty and couponing
  • Electronic recordkeeping
  • Payment processing
  • Asset tracking
  • Hospitality
  • Event admission
  • Guest check-in/out
  • Loyalty card sign-up
  • Travel and Transportation

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