KIT:DS9808-LR Kit - USB U16 - 902-928:US DS9808-LR7C1U16AR

Zebra DS9808 Scanners

Product Description:

KIT:DS9808-LR Kit - USB U16 - 902-928:US DS9808-LR7C1U16AR

Web Price: 1,371.00
List Price: 1,742.00

KIT:DS9808-LR Kit - USB U16 - 902-928:US

Part#: DS9808-LR7C1U16AR

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Zebra DS9808 2D Scanners

With Zebra DS9808 2D scanners, you’ll achieve ultimate productivity, thanks to superior comfort, fast swipe speeds, and flexible features.

These next-generation imagers deliver top results at registers, check in/out stands, and event admissions where they sit in hands-free mode waiting for barcodes to pass in front of them. This enables customers sail through check points without having to wait in long lines. Not only does this improve customer satisfaction; it adds efficiency where and when you need it.

So what features contribute to the success of these highly touted 2D barcode scanners?

A unique, hybrid form factor combines a solid base with advanced ergonomics for easy use and welcomed comfort. The sophisticated scan engine boasts record-breaking scans on 1D and 2D barcodes—while also capturing images and signatures—for fast, flexible processing. And the ability to instantly switch from hands-free to handheld mode enables quick scans of barcodes on items that are too heavy or bulky to leave the cart.

Zebra also packed their DS9808 scanners with powerful performance. Standard scanners read barcodes up to 10.5 inches away, while long-range models can capture images from up to 18 inches. Programmable swipe speeds of up to 100 inches per second and omnidirectional scanning enable rapid reads of 1D and 2D barcodes from any angle. For added effectiveness, the DS9808s will also simultaneously scan items and deactivate EAS tags at the point of sale.

To ensure that the DS9808 2D scanners will grow with your company, they read both paper and electronic barcodes displayed on consumers’ mobile devices. This opens the door to new applications, such as mobile couponing and mobile POS, along with efficient processing of credit card applications and loyalty card memberships.

In the Motorola Symbol DS9808 family of products, you can choose between several models. In addition to the standard DS9808-SR, there’s the DL, which parses PDF417 codes on driver’s licenses; the LR, which provides the long-range scans of items that can’t be easily passed in front of the imager in hands-free mode; the LL model, which auto-populates fields on applications; and the R version, which provides RFID functionality that accommodates any type of inventory management at the POS.


  • Corded/cordless:  Corded
  • Data capture: 1D, 2D, PDF, paper or electronic, image capture and transfer
  • Scan type: Omnidirectional
  • Working range: Up to 18”
  • Rugged specs: 5 ft. drops to concrete (4’ for DS0980-R)
  • Warranty: 36 months


  • Maximizes productivity. Features fast swipe speeds, flexible scanning modes, and superior comfort.
  • Expedites processing. Switches from hands-free mode (which swiftly captures images when barcodes pass in front of them) to handheld mode for bulky or heavy items.
  • Keeps customers happy. Expedites processing at the point of transaction to eliminate long lines and frustrating waits.
  • Grows with your company. Reads both paper and electronic barcodes—along with RFID tags—which opens the door for new applications and technologies.
  • Offers multiple models. Tackles tasks unique to certain environments for widespread use across industries and applications.


  • Retail
  • POS transactions
  • Price checks
  • Inventory management
  • Returns
  • Age and identity verification
  • Credit card applications
  • Mobile couponing
  • Mobile POS
  • Asset tracking
  • Hospitality
  • Event admission
  • Membership identification
  • Government
  • Proof of identity
  • Document management
  • Compliance
  • Libraries
  • Check in/out
  • Healthcare
  • Medication receiving and dispensing
  • Pharmaceutical check-in

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