LS3408ER John Deere Kit LS3408-ER20005R.

Zebra LS3408 Scanners LS3408-ER20005R.

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LS3408ER John Deere Kit LS3408-ER20005R.

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LS3408ER John Deere Kit

Part#: LS3408-ER20005R.

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Zebra LS3408 Barcode Scanners

Zebra LS3408 barcode scanners are rugged performers that excel in scan-intensive industrial environments.

Zebra designed its LS3408 scanners to withstand harsh conditions in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and retail stores by housing them in airtight cases that repel liquids and dust. They also added a scratch-resistant exit window to optimize their durability. And because these laser barcode scanners have an IP65 sealing rating and survive drops of 6.5 feet, you never have to worry about equipment breaks that cause costly downtime and replacements.

Flexibility is also built into the corded LS3408 laser scanners. You can effortlessly scan 1D barcodes from a distance of .25” to 45 feet, depending on the code. This working range covers everything from tiny barcodes on pick lists to larger tags on pallets and shelves. A bright 650-m laser aiming dot also simplifies scans by producing a visible line that ensures accurate reads.

It’s easy to set up and use the Motorola Symbol LS3408 handheld scanners. Multiple integrated interfaces enable plug-and-play compatibility with different hosts, while ergonomic-friendly features enhance productivity during long shifts. To ensure positive feedback in noisy environments, these handheld scanners also include metal hooks, two bright LED windows, and an extra loud 80 decibel beeper.

Motorola Symbol offers two versions of the LS3408 barcode scanner: the LS3408-ER and the LS3408-FZ. Both models share the high-performance features companies trust; however, the ER model extends read ranges for optimal usability, while the FZ incorporates fuzzy logic to ensure fast, accurate scans of damaged, dirty, or poorly printed 1D barcodes.


  • Corded/cordless:  Corded
  • Data capture: 1D
  • Scan type: Single line
  • Scan rate: 36 scans per second
  • Working range: From .25” to 45’
  • Rugged specs: 6.5 ft. drops to concrete
  • Warranty: 36 months


  • Minimizes downtime. Prevent equipment breakdowns with waterproof and dust-resistant construction, along with drop specs of 6.5 feet.
  • Flexible. Working ranges of .25” to 45’ and multiple interfaces offer versatility.
  • Ensures accurate reads. Bright laser aiming dot produces a clearly visible line.
  • Industrially sound. Designed specifically for harsh conditions in industrial environments with high-volume scanning.
  • Great ROI. Facilitate easy upgrades with universal cable sets and compatibility with GS1 DataBar symbologies.


  • Inventory management
  • Retail POS
  • Asset tracking
  • Logistics
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Materials management


  • Manufacturing/Warehousing
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Retail

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