MOTOROLA, MC55A, 802.11, 1D, WEH 6.5, NU MC55A0-P20SWRQA9WR

Zebra MC55 Series Terminals

Product Description:

MOTOROLA, MC55A, 802.11, 1D, WEH 6.5, NU MC55A0-P20SWRQA9WR

Product Details:

Motorola MC55A Wireless Mobile Computer - 802.11a/b/g, VGA Touchscreen, 1D laser scanner, Windows Mobile 6.5, 256MB RAM/1GB Flash, Numeric Keypad, Bluetooth, 1.5X 3600 mAh battery

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MOTOROLA, MC55A, 802.11, 1D, WEH 6.5, NU

Part#: MC55A0-P20SWRQA9WR

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Zebra MC55 Mobile Computers

Zebra MC55A0 mobile computers deliver high-powered performance, thanks to their sophisticated microprocessor, wireless connectivity, government-grade security, and rugged design.

The MC55A0s enable mobile workforces to access enterprise business applications, scan barcodes, take photos, view videos, and place private calls. Having these features in one lightweight, single device that fits comfortably in a pocket or purse gives employees the productivity tools they need for maximum efficiency.

Key features fueling these mobile computers’ performance include:

  • A Marvel PXA320 @ 806 MHz microprocessor, which expertly handles demanding multimedia applications
  • Plenty of onboard memory, along with a microSD card slot, for robust, processing-intensive tools
  • The most advanced enterprise mobile operating system, which supports interoperability with existing networks, advanced security features, mobile messaging, and flexible app development
  • Advanced wireless connectivity of high-speed 802.11 a/b/g, which enables easy connections to voice and data by supporting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WLANs
  • The latest wireless Bluetooth technology, v2.1 with EDR, for quick connections to multiple devices, such as modems, printers, and headsets

To ensure lasting dependability, Zebra built the MC55A0 mobile computers to withstand the daily rigors of industrial environments with harsh conditions. They survive multiple drops onto concrete from distances up to 6 feet; they still perform after 1,000 tumbles; and they have an IP64 sealing rating, which provides complete protection against liquids and dust. The manufacturer also outfitted the MC55A0s with patented housing and industrial-grade connectors, both of which add structural stability and reliability. Their rugged displays also help prevent damage due to inevitable accidents.

Reading both linear and 2D barcodes—including those that are damaged or of poor quality—is automatic on the MC55A0s, which are omnidirectional for correct captures from any angle. Various models enable unparalleled performance when reading:

  • Low/medium density barcodes at standard read ranges
  • Medium-to-high-density barcodes, including PDF codes found on drivers licenses and ID cards, patient wristbands, and electronics
  • High-density barcodes and direct part marks (DPM) common in manufacturing

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