TC55 Android KK ATT LTE/HSPA,1GB/8GB, 1. TC55AH-K011EE

Zebra TC55 Terminals

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TC55 Android KK ATT LTE/HSPA,1GB/8GB, 1. TC55AH-K011EE

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TC55 Android KK ATT LTE/HSPA,1GB/8GB, 1.

Part#: TC55AH-K011EE

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Zebra TC55 Terminals

When it comes to business operations, there is a big difference between a device looking sleek and actually performing up to quality standards. With the Zebra TC55 Terminals, you get the best of both worlds. At first glance, the TC55 looks very similar to the sleek smartphones on the market, but it has the durability, manageability, security and the data capture features your business needs to operate smoothly and efficiently.

The TC55 is one of the easiest devices to use in the industry and has the brightest screen in its class. As a result, it doesn’t matter if you’re operating it in the dark or in direct sunlight, you’ll be able to complete your tasks with ease. The 4.3” multi-touch display is also convenient, since you can still operate it with wet or dry hands and even if you’re wearing thick work gloves.

A variety of industries use the Zebra TC55 Terminal, including field sales, field service, direct store delivery and courier services. The TC55 is used in many industries, but the one constant theme is the reliability it offers. It operates on the easy-to-use Android operating system and is available in two different configurations. If your company operates on shift work, then you can easily switch between users with the proper configurations.

Different industries enjoy using the Zebra TC55 Terminals because of these features:

  • Stylish appearance with practical uses
  • Operates with the Android operating system
  • Easy to share with different users
  • Clear and easy-to-read display screen
  • Two Android configurations

The Zebra TC55 Terminals are simple and easy to use, which will make business more efficient for a variety of industries.

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