TT Printer ZD500R; 2 ZD50042-T013R1FZ

Zebra ZD500R Printers

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TT Printer ZD500R; 2 ZD50042-T013R1FZ

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TT Printer ZD500R; 2

Part#: ZD50042-T013R1FZ

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Zebra ZD500R RFID Printers

Zebra ZD500R RFID printers offer advanced UHF RFID printing and encoding features for use in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, government, and hospitality industries. There, companies rely on these thermal desktop printers to handle a variety of applications, including the identification and tracking of:

  • Fixed assets
  • Work in process (WIP)
  • Cases and pallets
  • Evidence
  • Specimens
  • Patients

They also enable item-level tagging, compliance labeling, and ticketing for events.

Compact, these industry-leading RFID printers are ideal for work areas limited on space. And, they are easy to use. Workers simply press one button to print and encode their RFID tags and the printers take it from there. They automatically calibrate to accommodate the media, which is simple to load.

Flexibility is built into the Zebra  ZD500R UHF RFID desktop printers. Users have their choice of:

  • Direct thermal or thermal transfer print modes
  • Parallel, serial, USB, or Ethernet connectivity
  • A variety of RFID labels and tags, including small, item-level hang tags and large case and pallet labels
  • Compatible inlays from all leading suppliers
  • Optional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-certified communications
  • High-resolution printing

In addition, they can enjoy these printers’:

  • Large memories, which properly process big print jobs and large volumes
  • Zebra programming language (ZPL), which enables easy integration with existing systems
  • Link-OS software platform, which allows users to manage printers from remote locations
  • Link-OS Cloud Connect application, which provides direct, secure connections to the Cloud, making it easy to forward data from any port
  • Link-OS Print Touch, which allows users to quickly pair the NFC-devices for instant access to information

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