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It's important to purchase the right asset tags and labels to protect and preserve assets and prevent theft and loss. But do you know how to correctly select them?

To ensure you choose labels that meet your specific needs, consider:

  • Environmental conditions
  • Not all assets or inventory reside in traditional office spaces. Some live in harsh environments, such as sub-zero deep freezers or sweltering warehouses. You may need multiple types of tags in various materials and adhesives to accommodate special situations.

  • Use
  • Do your employees journey across the globe with their company-issued laptops, phones, and mobile computers? If so, you need rugged labels that withstand the rigors of business travel and aren’t easily removed.

  • Technology
  • Are you using RFID technology to track assets and manage inventory? If so, you may need a certain type of label such as an enclosed specialty tag, which is perfect for assets that are stored outdoors. We also carry labels for linear or 2D barcodes.

We have everything you need.

System ID carries blank labels or preprinted asset tags that can track everything from computers to cranes. With both options you can:

  • Purchase blank labels and print them in house
  • Choose preprinted labels that can be customized with any content, including barcodes or numbers
  • Enjoy tamper-resistant/evident tags
  • Trust that your assets are secure

Build your own asset label.

Use our online tool to price and order your asset tags and labels. It walks you through the steps, which include selecting the right material, determining the correct barcode symbology, adding personalized data, and choosing a number range. You can even add your own logo!

If you prefer to visit with an advisor before placing an order or need a quote for blank labels, call us.

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