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Industrial Barcode Printers Aren’t Just for Manufacturers

What do you envision when you hear the term “industrial barcode printers?” If you’re like most people, you probably picture items being checked into and out of a distribution center, or maybe you see an assembly line in a manufacturing plant.

Congratulations. Both of those are correct. But they are not the only places you can find industrial printers. Today, they are widely used in industries such as healthcare, retail, and transportation and logistics for everyday applications, including asset tracking, inventory management, specimen identification, and shipping and receiving.


They are built to last.

Industrial barcode printer

Industries such as healthcare, retail, and transportation and logistics use industrial barcode printers to track assets, manage inventory, identify pharmaceuticals, and ship and receive products.

Printer manufacturers such as Zebra, Wasp, Datamax-O’Neil, and Intermec construct these workhorses in metal housings that protect against the elements. All brands tightly seal their printers to prevent penetration of dust particles and liquids such as chemicals and water.  Most offer models that work in extreme temperatures, including those workspaces that are frigid or don’t have climate control. They also produce products that are disinfectant-ready for use in labs, hospitals, and pharmacies.

They work 24/7.

Most industries have companies or departments that work around-the-clock. Simply stated, these mission-critical organizations can’t risk costly downtime. To ensure top performance in these non-stop settings, manufacturers equip heavy duty industrial barcode printers with long-lasting parts that withstand the rigors of 24/7 printing. In addition, most make models with the option to print thermal transfer or direct thermal barcode labels, tags, and tickets. This flexibility maximizes operations in busy buildings that never sleep.

They produce high-quality labels.

Every application has different print and compliance requirements. Companies count on their printers to comply with industry, federal, and international regulations. They must have compliance labels that withstand tough conditions and deliver accurate reads as items travel through the supply chain. Doing so prevents slowdowns and errors that prohibit optimal efficiency.

Printer manufacturers understand the industries they support, which is why they offer several configurations for use in multiple settings. You can choose from typical print resolutions of 203, 300, 400, or 600 dpi (dots per inch), print speeds that can range from 8 to 14 ips (inches per second), and print label widths of up to 4, 6, or 8 inches—or even larger.  Most models offer more than one interface, including serial, parallel, and USB, while others are outfitted with Bluetooth technology and/or internal Ethernet for speedy, secure signals in companies with wireless networks.

Regardless of the options, all printer brands boast crisp, clear images, text, and graphics that can be correctly captured at every transaction point.

They are easy to set up, maintain, and use.

Performance, durability, and quality aren’t the only benefits organizations expect from their industrial printers. They want equipment that’s easy to use.

To meet the demands of companies worldwide, manufacturers offer several features that improve the functionality and scalability of today’s printers, including:

  • Large front panels, colorful displays, media windows, and side-loading doors for improved media loading and maintenance
  • Universal print languages that enable effortless integration and configuration with existing systems
  • Remote device management software that allows you to monitor and manage networked printers from any location
  • Smart print technology that eliminates the need for PCs by enabling printers to “stand alone”

Want to learn more? Check out our Barcode Printing Guide or contact a System ID advisor.

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